We are pleased to recommend different styles of indulgence

“Gero Onsen- Miyako, the relaxing peace for your soul” is located right below the “Gero Onsen Gassho-Mura” village a little away from the Gero hot spring town.We are pleased to recommend different styles of indulgence.

Recommendations for your beloved one

Have a relaxing stroll with your beloved one at Gero Onsen Town with a traditional atmosphere

Let our caring resort be your base for your wonderful experiences at Gero Onsen and Shirakawa Village with your beloved one.

Day 1

10:00Shirakawa Village

Meet with the original sceneries of Japan in Shirakawa village, a World Heritage
Shirakawa Village

Shirakawa village is a World Heritage full of the originality of Japan. Experience the village like no one else- weave a visit to retro chic residences and museums designed as national important cultural properties, also take in breathtaking views of the mountains and Gassho architectures at the observatory.

Shirakawa Village



We are located at the heart of Gero Onsen so the hot spring town is within reach. While we are also surrounded by nature, our guestrooms have open-air hot springs and our facilities like our bar and lounges are all for the perfect stay of you and your beloved one.

15:15Suite with exclusive hot spring

Discover first-class experiences in our popular suite with your beloved ones
Suite with exclusive hot spring

Check in at our relaxing lobby with nature then proceed to your room- together with your beloved one, enjoy the ambience and intimacy of your refined suite with private hot spring.

Suite with exclusive hot spring

16:00Private hot spring at your room

Soak in the refreshing private hot spring at your room
Private hot spring at your room

Get your relaxing experience started at your private hot spring right after putting down your baggage. Let the gentle soak relieve the weariness of the travel.

Private hot spring at your room

17:00Reading room

Reading room
Reading room
Reading room


Experience culinary excellence of Japanese kaiseki course meal at your private dining room.

Kaiseki Japanese course meal with local specialty you can only find in Hida.Explore the most acclaimed cooking, seasoning, and plating at your private dining space.


21:00Reservable private hot spring

Extraordinary luxury and stary sky awaits your soak in the quality hot spring

Besides the private open hot spa at your room, also soak in the complimentary reservable private hot spring in our resort- indulge in the private spa and look up to the starry sky with your beloved one.

Reservable private hot spring Reservable private hot spring
Reservable private hot spring


Laze around at your relaxing private space

Whether indulging in your private spa or planning for your adventure tomorrow- just laze around at your relaxing space!



Recharge yourself for your adventure tomorrow.

Day 2

7:00Morning Bath

A heart-soothing soak at the open bath in the dazzling greenish garden.
Morning Bath

The large, separate baths for gentlemen and ladies located at the center of a Japanese garden are simply heart-soothing. Take in the stunning views such as the light rays through the trees and the glittering trees under the sun.

Morning Bath


Japanese style or western style- be amazed by the breakfast options

Endless food selections centering on Japanese charcoal grills and Western fluffy bread. Experience heart-warming cuisine in your private rooms with intimate setting.



After breakfast, have a sip of coffee at our refined lounge to experience the warmth of the woods

Let our lounge at where modernity meets with classics bring the real, true taste of relaxation to you. Enjoy an elevated relaxing experience here with quality interior design and selected lighting- sit back, and sip a coffee after breakfast.



Sightseeing at Gero Town

10:05Morning market

Take your pick from the morning hot spring town market at Gero Onsen
Morning market

Welcome a hot spring morning town market from early December to mid-March at Gero Onsen Gassho Village. From farm-fresh veggies to representative local pickles, definitely it’s a hot shopping spot for you to take your pick.

10:30Gero Onsen Gassho-Mura

Original crafting workshop at Gassho Village Museum
Gero Onsen Gassho-Mura

In addition to the 10 Gassho Style House Residences relocated from Shirakawa Village, the museum is also home to a huge number of folk and farm tools, a foot spa, and a shadow play theater. You can craft your own ceramics and potteries as your unique travel memory here.

13:00Onsenji Temple

Weave a visit to a time honored, old temple has been watching over Gero Onsen town
Onsenji Temple

A venerable temple built in 1671, dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai, who is closely related to the “Shirasagi Legend” being passed down in Gero Onsen for a long time. Climb up the 173 stairs to the temple, and the bird eye’s view of the hot spring town will absolutely stay in your mind.

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