Kaiseki Ryori (

A dish attuned to the seasons capturing the full strength of MIYAKO

Kaiseki (traditional Japanese meal brought in courses) cuisine with plentiful local colour utilizing typical Hida ingredients.
The dishes that are brought to the private room one by one utilize the flavours of the ingredients to the maximum and one can experience the most resplendent of moments.
The precious art of presenting colourful and vivid dishes on order-made artisan crockery in heartwarming surroundings…
These will definitely remain deep in your heart as vivid memories.
*The menu changes every month. This photo is only an example.

Breakfast of MIYAKO

Choose either a Japanese or a Western breakfast.

Japanese-style where you cook yourself on a charcoal grill and Western-style with freshly baked fluffy bread that we are proud of.
Please choose whichever you prefer.

Dining Room

MIYAKO private rooms that set the scene for food

The tastes of food and Sake can be influenced by location and situation.
We have prepared dedicated private rooms so that you can eat the best cuisine in the best location.
Enjoy a moment of supreme bliss while having a relaxing chat.



Modern Japanese style created from the neo-japanesque concept provides a charming space reminiscent of the Taisho period.
Stylish chairs and sturdy tables.
Feel the warmth and nostalgia in the numerous casually arranged furnishings.
Please enjoy fully the facilities enveloped in dimmed lighting and tranquility.
We offer private rooms that can accommodate 2 people or groups of 4 – 8 people.



The Ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant) was conceived for guests who prefer to eat in a tatami room.
Pass an exceptional moment in a gentle and calm private space.
Each room is a private room so guests can enjoy chatting without worrying about the people around them. Enjoy a supremely blissful moment to your heart’s content.

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